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DiscVR features 5 unique maps, all supporting a single player game mode, 2-player multiplayer action, global Leaderboards, custom avatars, quick reflex throwing and catching, advanced air time flight control, teleportation and much more!

The game was developed for the HTC Vive and the Oculus. A minimum spec machine for either of those devices will run the game.

We recommend you use the Itch app to get the latest builds automatically. Grab it here: (https://itch.io/app). If you download directly from this page you will have the latest version, but will need to check back for updates until we develop an in-game update notification system.

Also, if you want to chat with your opponent in-game, we recommend Discord. We use it when we play as there is currently no in game voice chat (planned). Get that here: https://discordapp.com/


Current version: v0.6.1

About Us

The game was made as a test project by two developers looking to break into VR , so it's free while we learn the market, go through the process of releasing, and study the implications of VR development.

How can you help?

Download the game and play it. We have a few questions for you:

  • What made you bother downloading the game? Did something stand out to you?
  • If you had bad framerate (you shouldn't), let us know your specs.

If you want to help us continue the work, feel free to donate. In fact, even if you hated the game, feel free to donate and tell us just how much you hated it. Your donations could help stop this nightmare from continuing.

You can contact us at mallfoodgames@gmail.com

Mall Food Games are Austin Krauss & Adam Gascoine. 

Release Notes

  • Bug fixes for the Oculus Rift and minor gameplay tuning from player feedback. 
  • New map! Experience the snowy, foggy awesomeness of MP_Forest. 
  •  Global leader boards for all practice scores, total multiplayer wins, and the longest win streak (leader boards are displayed in the main menu level) 
  •  Players can delete their existing profile and create a new one 
  •  Players can select the look of both their face and their robot body 
  •  Wrist Display: 
    • a mini browser so you can check if there are servers available while practicing! 
    • Match restart or quit now integrated logically 
    • Quitting a match in progress now counts as a loss Lobby server browser now auto updates 
  • Tweaked the various beam systems (UI beam, aim beam, teleport etc) 
  •  Spawned disc location is now clearly visible with a new effect at the appropriate teleporter 
  •  If you don't pick a name when you create a profile, a random one will be assigned 
  •  Minor bug fixes and preventative logic added

See the version.txt file in the download for previous changes.


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DiscVR_0.6.1.zip 439 MB

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Saw your posts on reddit and looks like you guys plan on supporting this for a while. I didn't do too well in practice and couldn't find any servers online. Any tips?

Finding a server will be hard until we have more players unfortunately.

As for practice tips, the key is to get combination scores by going through the scoring ring without dropping the disc. Because the disc goes towards whichever direction you are pointing,  you  want to point the controller back at yourself after passing through the scoring ring so the disc comes back towards you. When it's close, aim the controller back at the scoring ring - or you can even catch it if you wish for a little score boost (catching the disc does not break the combo). 

You can get some extremely high scores with this method, though of course the scoring ring moves faster and faster as your combo increases.

Thank you for playing! It's great to  get some feedback!